Payment Tolerance and Payment Discount Tolerance

Payment Discount Tolerance

The payment discount tolerance feature allows you to grant a payment discount after the payment discount date has passed.

If you accept a payment discount after the payment discount date, it will always be posted to either the payment discount account or a payment tolerance account.

You specify the method for posting payment discount date tolerance in the G/L Setup.

Payment Tolerance

The payment tolerance feature offers you the following capabilities:

Multiple document application scenarios

A single document will have the same tolerance possibilities whether it is applied on it’s own or with other documents. Automatic acceptance of a late payment discount in multiple document applications will automatically occur for each document where:

This rule will also reply when determining whether to show a warning in multiple applications or not. The program will display the payment discount tolerance warning for each entry within the application that satisfies the date criteria above.


You can choose to receive a warning form with changing text depending on the tolerance situation:

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