FA Allocation Table

List of Fields in the Table

You can use this window to allocate the amount in the fixed asset G/L journal or the recurring general journal to several accounts and/or dimensions. That is, you allocate the amount to one or more balancing accounts. You can allocate various amount types, such as acquisition cost, depreciation and maintenance.

After you have set up the allocations, the program will automatically insert the account(s) you specified when you use the Reclassify function from the fixed asset reclassification journal or when you use the Insert FA Bal. Account function with the:

In the FA Allocations window, you must set up an allocation line for each part of the amount that will be allocated. You can enter various accounts on every fixed asset allocation line (if the fixed asset posting type will also be divided among several accounts). Or, you can enter the same account, but with various dimension value codes on each line. To attach a dimension, click Line, Dimensions.

You need to enter an allocation only once. The allocation will remain in the FA Allocations window. You can then use the Insert FA Bal. Account function from the fixed assets G/L journal to have the program insert the balancing account(s) you specified in the FA Allocations window.