Printing Fixed Asset - Book Values

To print a report on depreciation, acquisitions and disposals for a selected period, as well as book value at the end of the period, you can choose between two reports: Fixed Asset - Book Value 01 and Fixed Asset - Book Value 02. The two reports include almost the same information, but the first report format shows one line per asset and must be printed using landscape orientation, whereas the second report shows the information on several lines per asset.

To Print Fixed Asset - Book Values:

  1. Open the Fixed Asset - Book Value 01  or the   Fixed Asset - Book Value 02 report request form.

  2. On the Fixed Asset tab, you can set a filter to select which assets to include in the report. If you leave the fields blank, you will get information on all of the assets (except inactive assets).

  3. The Options tab is identical for the two reports except for the Include Reclassification field on the Fixed Asset - Book Value 02 report, which allows you to have reclassified entries printed.

    If you insert a check mark in the Budget Report field, the program will calculate depreciation from the last FA posting date until the specified ending date.

  4. Click Print to print the report or Preview to see it on the screen.


To get information on write-downs, appreciation, custom1 and custom2 posting types included in the Fixed Asset - Book Value 01 report, there must be a check mark in the Acquisition Type or the Depreciation Type field in the FA Posting Type Setup window.

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