Modifying Fixed Assets

You may need to change the information for a particular fixed asset.

To Modify Fixed Assets:

  1. Open the Fixed Asset Card window.

  2. On the fixed asset card, change the contents of the fields. See the note below about how to change the contents of the No. field and the Comment Sheet window. In all other data entry fields, you can change the information as needed.

    For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.


You can change the number of a fixed asset by entering a new number in the No. field and confirming a message from the program. The change can take time because the program checks all the windows that the fixed asset number appears in, and replaces the number on all the relevant entries.

If you have entered a comment on a fixed asset card, you can change or delete the text. On the fixed asset card, click Fixed Asset, Comments, and then make the necessary changes in the Comment Sheet window.

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