Setting Up Component Lists for Main Assets

You can group your fixed assets into main assets and their components. For example, you may have a production machine that consists of many parts, which you want to group in this way.

Both the main asset and all its components must be set up as individual fixed asset cards. After you have set up a component list, the program automatically fills in the Main Assets/Component and Components of Main Asset fields on the fixed asset cards.

To Set Up Component Lists for Main Assets:

  1. Open the Fixed Asset Card window.

  2. Browse to the fixed asset that is the main asset.

  3. Click Fixed Asset, Main Asset Components. The Main Asset Components window appears.

  4. Click the AssistButton in the FA No. field to see the list of fixed assets. Select the relevant asset, and then click OK to copy it to the field.


You must set up a fixed asset card for each component before you can assign it to a main asset.

You cannot delete a main asset until you have removed its components from the component list.

In the Fixed Asset Setup window, you can allow posting to a main asset by placing a check mark in the Allow Posting to Main Assets field.

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