Monitoring Insurance Coverage

The program provides certain statistics for use in analyzing insurance policies and over/under insurance coverage of your fixed assets.

To see which fixed assets are covered by insurance or which policies cover a fixed asset, you can either look at the statistics or print a report.

Insurance Coverage

You can also print the Insurance - Tot. Value Insured report. It shows, per asset, which insurance policies cover an asset and by what amount.

Overview of Insurance Policies

To get an overview of your insurance policies, you can print the Insurance - List report, which will show you all policies and the most important fields from the insurance cards.

Over/Under Coverage

To check over/under coverage of a certain fixed asset, you can either view the Fixed Asset Statistics window or print the over/under coverage report.

Fixed Assets Not Assigned to Insurance Policies

To check that you have not forgotten to assign a fixed asset to an insurance policy, you can print the Insurance - Uninsured FAs report. This report displays the individual fixed assets for which amounts have not been posted to an insurance policy.

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