Captions in Employee Portal

In Employee Portal you must define captions for text you need on your Web Parts for navigational or informational purposes that is not stored as application data. It is important that you define a caption for all caption elements. Otherwise Navison will return an error to the portal page.

You have to define captions for the following elements:

Before you can add a caption to an element you have to define the caption in the caption list of the element.

The custom properties mentioned in the following table are properties that developers have created to introduce Employee Portal functionality or behavior to the Web Part. The custom property fields are the applying fields.




The caption will appear as:

EP Setup

Heading to a custom property field in the SharePoint tool pane.


An option in the custom property field in which you can select the group you want to select a Web Part Request from.


Web Part Request

An options in the custom property field from which you can select a Web Part Request.


The name on the tab in your Web Part.


The name of the action on the button or link depending on which HTML layout you have selected.

  If you are designing a Web Part that will be used in different languages by different users, you must give the caption a definition in each language. You can read more about this in Multilanguage in Employee Portal.

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