Multilanguage in Employee Portal

As the rest of Navision, Employee Portal is multilanguage enabled. This means that a localized version of Navision can present itself in different languages in your Web Parts.

The multilanguage features make it possible for you to offer the texts displayed by the application in captions for text boxes in several languages.  But it is also possible for you to define multilanguage for the captions you define for command buttons, in menus, and so on..

Changing the texts that are stored as application data is not part of the multilanguage capability. This is an application design issue. Examples of such texts are the names of items in the inventory or the comments for a customer. These types of text are not translated.

In Employee Portal you can set up multilanguage definition for the following elements:

If you are designing a Web Part that will be used in different languages by different users, you must give the element a definition in each language.

When you open the EP Group Caption List window, the Caption ID field contains the number that has been assigned to the multilanguage definition by the program. The Language ID field contains the code for the language you use on your computer and the Caption field contains the value that will be shown in your Web Part.

To Add Multilanguage to a Caption
  1. Open the Caption List of the element you want to add multilanguage caption to. For example, EP Group Caption List window.

  2. Click Caption, Create New Language for Current Line. The EP Language List window appears.

  3. Select the new language for which you want to make a caption. Click OK.

  4. In the caption line you just created, enter the new caption in the Caption field. Close the window.

Defining a Language

The choice of language for a user can be configured at user or group level.  If you define a language in the Language ID field in the EP User table, the Web Parts will be shown in the defined language. If you only define a language in the Language ID field in the Employee Portal Group table, this is the language in which the Web Parts will be shown.

If you leave the Language ID field in the Employee Portal Group table as well as the Language ID field in the EP User table empty, the Web Parts will be shown in the default language of your Navision Application Server.

You can only select the languages for which you have licenses.