Running Reports from Web Parts

You can run your Navision reports from your Web Parts by defining an action for this purpose.

Actions for showing reports can be defined for card, list and header + line Web Parts.

But before you can define an action to run a report you have to make sure that the report is declared in code unit 6828 EP Report Mgt.  You can read more about this in the Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Employee Portal.

Furthermore, before you define an action you must make sure that the following tasks are completed for the Web Part Request that you want to create an action for:


You can get an overview of all the tasks you need to complete to create a Web Part here: Creating Web Parts for Employee Portal.

To Create an Action for Running a Report
  1. Open the EP Web Part Request Card window.

  2. Select the Web Part Request you want to define an action for.

  3. Select the relevant table.

  4. Click Table, Card. The Table window opens.

  5. Click Table, Actions. The EP WP Table Action List window opens. Click F3 to create a new line.

  6. In the Type field select Show Report and in the Target field select Current. In the Report ID field enter the ID of the report you want to make available from your Web Part. Fill in the remaining fields. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

Images in Actions

When you create you actions for card Web Part, you can align with the SharePoint style by defining an image for the action. For this you can use the images available in SharePoint to point to and use in you Web Parts.

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