Defining Sort Keys

When you have created a Web Part Request for a list Web Part, you can define sort keys to control in which order the records are listed.

To Define a Sort Key for a Web Part.
  1. Open the EP Web Part Request Card window.

  1. Select the Web Part Request you want to set up a tab for.

  2. Click Table, Card. The EP WP Table Card  window is opened.

  3. Click Tab, Card. The EP WP Tab Card  window is opened.

  4. Click Field, Sort Keys. The EP WP Table Sort Key List window is opened.

  5. Click Sort Key, Get Key. The Keys for Table Customer window is opened.

  6. Select a sort key. The options in the Keys for Table Customer window is defined by the system and can not be changes. Close the windows.



Sort keys have no effect on card or header + line Web part requests.

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