Adding SharePoint Images to Actions

When you create actions for Web Part Requests, you can make your action look like SharePoint actions by defining an image for the action. For this you can use the images available in SharePoint to point to and use in you Web Parts.

But before you add an image to an action you must make sure that the following tasks are completed for the Web Part Request that you want to ad a image to:


You can get an overview of all the tasks you need to complete to create a Web Part here: Creating Web Parts for Employee Portal.

To Point to an Image
  1. Open the EP SharePoint Image Path List window.

  2. In the Code field enter a code for your image path.

  3. In the Path field, enter the SharePoint path where the image you want to point to is stored.

To Add an Image to an Action
  1. Open the EP Web Part Request Card window.

  2. Select the Web Part Request you want to define an image for.

  3. Select the relevant table.

  4. Click Table, Card. The Table window appears.

  5. Click Table, Actions. The EP WP Table Action List window is opened. Select the action you want to add an image to.

  6. In the Picture Code field select the code for the image that you want to add to the action.

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