Creating Web Part Requests

After you have created your Web Part Request templates, you can use the template for the Web Part Requests you want to assign to your user groups. You can also create your own Web Part Request without using a template.

You have to select the type of the Web Part Request to define how the data is presented in the Web Part.

The types are:

List (to show a list of records)

Card (to show a record in a card)

Header + Line (to show a header with attached lines)

But first you must make sure that the following tasks are completed for the Web Part Request that you want to define a tab for:


You can get an overview of all the tasks you need to complete to create a Web Part here: Creating Web Parts for Employee Portal.

To Create a Web Part Request
  1. Open the EP Group Card window.

  2. In the lines, press F3 to add a new Web Part Request.

  3. In the Code field, select the code of the Web Part request template you want to base your Web Part Request on. Click Web Part Request, Card. The EP WP Request Card window appears.

  4. Fill in all the fields in the header of the Web Part Request. The Web Part Request has inherited most information including the tables from the Web Part Request template you have based it on.

You have now defined the basic configuration of the Web Part Request. To finalize the configuration of the Web Part Request you must define tabs and action, as well as customizing it to meet your needs by defining connections between Web Parts, lookups and filters.


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