Creating Web Part Request Templates

A template in Employee Portal is an instance of a Web Part Request containing the basic definitions of a Web Part Request. It can be used as a model for creating many Web Part Request. It contains formatting of tables and tabs and, sometimes, lookups and sort keys. However, actions for interaction and navigation remain to be filled in on the individual Web Part Request.

Web Part templates are also used to define actions. If this is the case the Web Part type is System.

You must select the type of the Web Part Request to define how the data is presented in the Web Part.

The types are:

To Create a Web Part Request Template
  1. Open the   EP WP Request Template Card window, and press F3 to create a blank Web Part Request. Fill in all the fields in the header of the Web Part Request. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  1. In the Table No. field, select the relevant table.

  2. In the Head or Line field define to which section the table is assigned. If the Web Part Request type is Card, you must select Head. If the Web Part Request type is List, you must select Line. If the Web Part Request type is Header + Line you must assign two tables, one for the header and one for the lines.  


If you want to create a Header + Line Web Part, you must create one table for the lines and one table for the header.



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