3.5 Testing Hyperlinks

An important part of Web site maintenance is ensuring that the site doesn't include any broken links. A broken hyperlink is a link that refers to a non-existent Web page or picture file - when you click on the button or link text, nothing happens. A link becomes broken when the Web page or picture file that the link property refers to is deleted.

There are two types of hyperlinks in Commerce Portal:

To test all the hyperlinks on a site, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the Web Pages window: In the Site field, enter the site for which you want to test the hyperlinks.

  2. Click Web Site, Hyperlinks. The Hyperlinks window appears:


This window displays all of the properties for the site that have the type Link or Picture.

  1. On the menu bar, click Edit, Select All to select all of the lines in the window.

  2. Click Functions, Check Hyperlinks. A dialog box appears in which you must click Yes to confirm the action.

A window appears that tells you how many hyperlinks were checked and how many were broken. The properties that contain a broken link are marked in the Hyperlinks window. To see only the marked properties, do the following: on the menu bar, click View, Marked Only.

You can investigate each broken hyperlink to find out whether it needs to refer to a different object - or whether the object that it refers to needs to be created.

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