2.3.1 Property Collections

You can make properties easier to manage in Navision by organizing them into property collections. You can think of property collections as folders that you use to group related properties. These property collections make up the actual Web page.

A single Web template or Web page can consist of any number of property collections. The main property collection is the "root." All of the other property collections that belong to the template or page contain subproperties of the root (or subproperties of subproperties).

The Web Templates window gives an overview of all the templates that have been set up for one Web site. Open the Web Templates window:



This window contains a list of every Web template for the site. The lines written in bold text are root property collections. The lines written in standard text beneath a root property collection are its subproperties.

Each subproperty belongs to a property one level higher in the hierarchy. A Web template consists of a root property collection and its subproperties.

For example, the My Account Web template has two collections of subproperties: Purchasedocs and Salesdocs.

To see the properties contained in one property collection, click Template, Properties. The Properties (Template) window appears:


Every Web template in Navision is associated with an Active Server Page (ASP) file on your Web server. The ASP page contains detailed information about the pages that will be created with the Web template.

The Web template in Navision displays only those elements that are editable. They are displayed as properties on the Web template and on the Web pages you create with the template. Each property appears on a property line.