3.1.1 Handling Multiple Languages

Commerce Portal allows you to show your Web pages in different languages.

To translate Web pages on your Web site, follow this example:

  1. Open the Web Pages window:

  2. Find the GLOBAL MENU Web page from the Page No. field and select About us in the Description field:

  1. Click Page, Properties.

  1. On the Properties Page window, select Text in the Description field and click Property, Multilanguage.

The Property Multilanguage window appears:

  1. Click a blank line and click the AssistButton in the Language Code field.

  2. In the Languages window, choose the relevant language code, and click OK.

  3. In the Text field on the Property Multilanguage window, write the translation and close the window.

You have now translated one subproperty on the rootproperty GLOBAL MENU. Now, you must translate the remaining subproperties. The language code you have just added to one subproperty has automatically been added to the remaining subproperties:

Read more about Web pages in Setting Up Web Pages.

What should be translated?

All subproperties that are of type text, link or picture should or can be translated.