2.2.2 Information Storage

After the ASP pages have been set up, you must import the editable properties from the ASP pages into Web templates in Navision. See Importing Template Properties for more information on this topic.

Various pieces of information must be integrated to create a finished Web site. The following table gives you an overview of where the different types of information come from:

Information about...

Stored in...



Cascading Style Sheets

Information about the "look" of the Web site, for example use of fonts and colors, is stored in one or more CSS files (cascading style sheets).

Fixed Contents and Layout

ASP Pages

ASP pages are used to store information about the content and layout of the Web pages. An ASP page can include references to fields in Navision from which data is retrieved.

Dynamic data

Various Application Areas in Navision

A Web page can display data from your Navision database (for example, Inventory or Sales & Receivables).

Editable Properties

Web Templates and Web Pages

Some of the Web page properties are not assigned a value on the ASP page. These properties are made accessible in Navision. They are displayed as properties of the Web template and Web page.

This section was about all of the properties that make up a Web page - both the properties that appear on the Web template and those that are only accessible on the ASP page. See Template Properties for more information about the properties on the Web template.