4.2.1 Creating IDs and Passwords

Web portal users need to sign in on your Web portal with their login ID and password in order to be correctly identified when they place an order and to, for example, ensure that they receive all discounts that they are entitled to.

The Web portal login ID and password is used to let customers view credit memos, invoices, financial statements and the shipping status of their orders.

Some of your existing customers may also want to place orders through your Web portal. So, in order to use the information on the customer card with existing customers, you have to create a Web portal login ID and password for them. Then, if they sign in to your Web portal, Navision will be able to use the information that you already have registered for the customer, like addresses, payment terms to for example calculate customer discounts, and so on.

The login ID must be unique. If you enter a login ID that all ready exists, a dialog box telling you this will appear.

To create or edit a Commerce Portal password for a customer, do the following:

  1. In Commerce Portal, open the relevant contact person card.

  2. On the Commerce Portal tab, in the login ID field, enter a unique login ID.

  3. Click Functions, Commerce Portal, Create Password. A dialog box appears.

  4. Click Yes to confirm the action.

Navision automatically generates the password and notifies the user with the automatic notification text that you have set up. The notification code in the Password-Created Notif. field, defined on the Contact tab of the notification process card determines the content of the e-mail. See Setting Up Notifications for more information on this topic.

Unregistered consumers who want to register, sign up in your Web portal and create their own login IDs and passwords. Customer cards, company and person contact cards for these users are then created in Navision.

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