Introduction to Commerce Portal

What is Commerce Portal?

Commerce Portal is an e-commerce solution that enables Web-based trading, self-service and other forms of collaboration between a company and all its supply chain partners. Commerce Portal makes it easy for partners - customers, vendors and others - to serve themselves directly from their Web portal – anytime, anywhere. They can maintain and query data and documents across the range of functions found in Navision (depending on their particular role and the access rights that have been defined).

With Commerce Portal, you connect your customers and vendors to your business management system by way of the Internet. You respond to your partners’ needs with Web access to real-time information and self-service features from within your Navision solution. Information is always up-to-date and accurate, and self-service features are relevant to the user’s particular business needs.

How to Read This Online Help Project

This online Help project has been created as a manual, and all the information is presented in consecutive chapters. This means that you can get an understanding of how to set up and use Commerce Portal by reading the Help from beginning to end.