4.4 Setting an Expiration Date on Sales Quotes

You will want to set a limit on how long you honor a specific sales quote. On the Web site card, you can enter a date formula to calculate the expiration date for sales quotes that have the status Requested by Customer.

When a Commerce Portal customer requests a sales quote, a "snapshot" is taken of the prices that are valid at that moment for the items in which the customer is interested. The prices are recorded in Navision in a sales quote with the status Requested by Customer.

If the customer completes the ordering process, the status of the quote changes to Accepted by Customer. In this case, you will proceed to either approve or reject the quote.

However, the customer may not accept the sales quote immediately. The customer may decide not to place an order at all, or the customer may want to wait before completing the purchase. In either case, you will probably not want to honor the quoted prices for an unlimited amount of time. Therefore, you will want to define a sales quote expiration date formula in the Quote Expiration Calc. field on the Web site card. (See the Quote Expiration Calc. field in Web Site Setup).

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