5.1.2 Deleting Expired and Rejected Quotes

In time, a number of sales quotes will be created through your Web portal. The customer may never accept some of these sales quotes, and therefore they will expire. Other sales quotes may be incorrectly filled in, or there may be other reasons why you want to reject them.

Therefore, a number of invalid sales quotes will be registered in your Navision Sales & Receivables application area. You can, of course, delete the sales quotes manually as you would delete any other sales quote. However, the Commerce Portal solution provides a batch job that can delete several expired and/or rejected sales quotes.

To use the Delete Expired/Rejected Quotes batch job, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the Commerce Portal Status window:

  2. In the Commerce Portal Status window, click Commerce Portal, Delete Expired or Rejected Quotes. The batch job request form appears:


  1. On the Sales Quotes tab, you can set a filter to select specific quote numbers or an interval of quote numbers to process. You can specify particular sell-to customers or bill-to customers whose sales quotes you want to delete.

  2. On the Options tab, specify the conditions for the batch job:



Delete Expired Requested Quotes

Click to insert a check mark if you want to delete expired sales quotes. The expiration date of a quote is calculated using the formula in the Quote Expiration Calc. field on the Web site card. The only quotes that will be deleted are those quotes on which the expiration date is past and the content of the Status field is Requested by Customer.

Delete Rejected Quotes

Click to insert a check mark if you want to delete rejected sales quotes. Quotes for which the contents of the Status field is Rejected will be deleted.

  1. Click OK to start the batch job.

Read The Commerce Portal Status to learn more about the status of Commerce Portal.

Sales & Receivables

You can also delete quotes in Sales & Receivables:

  1. Click Sales & Receivables, Periodic Activities, Delete Expired or Rejected Quotes.

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