3.4 Using Commerce Portal Pictures

You may want to include pictures on your Web portal. If you have digital pictures that you would like to use on your Web portal, you can import them into Commerce Portal. Follow this procedure:

  1. Open the Picture Card window:


  1. Press F3 to insert a new card.

  2. Fill in the No. field. You can fill in this field in several ways depending on how you have set up your numbering system.

  3. Enter a brief description of the picture in the Description field.

The two fields Picture Type and Picture are filled in automatically when you import a new picture.

  1. Click Picture, Import. A dialog box appears in which you select the picture file.

  2. Select the drive, path and file name, and then click OK.

The picture is now imported. You can display the picture on your Web portal. You can include the picture on a Web page that has a property with the type Picture. Enter the picture number in the Value field on the property line.

Picture Formats

Commerce Portal supports the following picture types: .gif, and .jpg.

Link Pictures to Items

A picture can be linked to an item on the item card. To link a picture to an item, do the following:

  1. Open the Item Card window:

  2. On the Commerce Portal tab, in the Picture No. field, click the AssistButton. The Picture List appears.

  3. Choose the picture number you want to link to the item and click OK.


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