4.3.3 Allowing Automatic Conversion of Sales Quotes to Orders


You can decide whether or not sales quotes that have been generated from your Web portal must be individually approved. You can require that quotes be confirmed or rejected manually. Or you may have trustworthy customers whose orders you want to take care of as quickly as possible. To allow all sales quotes that are accepted by a specific customer to be automatically converted into orders the customer must have the permission Create Sales Order to do so. To assign permissions, see Role and Permission Management.

Manual Handling of a Sales Quote

If a customer does not have permission to make a direct order from your Web portal you must evaluate sales quotes. If you approve a quote, you must manually click Make Order in the Sales Quote window to convert the quote to an order. If you do not approve the quote, you can either reject the quote or simply delete it. See Assigning Permissions to Roles to read about how to assign permissions to a Web portal user.

Rejecting a Sales Quote

If you have set up automatic notification texts (See Setting Up Notifications) and you want the customer to be automatically notified that you have rejected the sales quote they requested, you must use the Reject function. To reject a quote, do the following: In the Sales Quote window, click Functions, Commerce Portal, Reject. The program changes the contents of the Status field to Rejected:


If you now try to click Make Order, a warning will appear.

You can delete rejected sales quotes individually. You can also use the Delete Expired/Rejected Quotes batch job to delete several quotes at the same time. For more information on deleting quotes, see Deleting Expired and Rejected Quotes.