1.1 A Checklist for Commerce Portal Setup

Before you can set up Commerce Portal, the program must be installed and the technical setup of the system must be completed.

The following diagram illustrates the framework on which Commerce Portal is built:

Once the technical setup is complete, there is some information that must be set up in the Commerce Portal application area and in other application areas and outside of Navision before you can begin to use Commerce Portal. The following is a list of the various setup tasks:




Design your Web portal on paper or on your computer.

Discuss the Web templates with the ASP programmer who will program them.

Commerce Portal application area

Fill out the Commerce Portal Setup window.

Navision Application Server

Set up one or more application servers.

Inventory application area

Organize your inventory, if it is not already structured appropriately.

Web site

For each Web site:

Fill out the Web site card.

Import Web template properties.

Complete the template setup.

Set up Web pages.

Register pictures for use on the site.


application area

Set up:

Notification texts.

Notification processes.


Notification processes to users.

Passwords to users.

Relationship Management application area

Create and maintain contacts that are used as the link between users on the Web portal and Navision.


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