2.2.1 ASP Pages

Certain aspects of a Web site must be written in HTML and scripting code. Commerce Portal allows you to store the necessary code in Active Server Pages (ASP pages). You store the ASP pages on the Web server and associate each one with a Web template in Navision. The Web template displays those properties of the ASP page that can be edited in Navision .

You must have an ASP programmer set up ASP pages for each Web template. Once your ASP pages and Web templates are set up correctly, you have a site that can be maintained from within Navision. By using Web templates, you can create new Web pages without having to do additional programming.

In order not to be dependent upon the ASP programmer to add new Web pages to your site, you will want to make sure you have Web templates for all of your current and future needs. When you design your Web site, try to anticipate every type of page that you will want to include on the site at a later date.