5.3 Navision Application Server

Navision Application Server is used to handle communication between Navision and the Web portal. You must specify both synchronization and request setup before communication can begin.

You must create an application server card for each application server that you set up:

  1. Open the Application Server Card window:

  1. Fill in the fields according to these guidelines:



General tab



Enter the code of the application server. The code must be equal to the startup parameter for the application server.


Enter a description of what the application server does.

Actions tab


Synch. Setup Code

Enter the code for the type of synchronization you want between Navision and SQL Server.

Request Setup Code

Enter the code for how you want replies and requests from your Web portal to be handled by the message queue.

Mail Setup Code

Enter the code for how you want your e-mails to be delivered.

Log Requests

Place a check mark to log all request communication. For more information, see Log.

Log Synchronization

Place a check mark to log all synchronization.

More Information

Read the manual "Installation & System Management: Navision Application Server" to learn more about Navision Application Server.

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