Editing Meeting Attendees

You can edit information for the attendees of the to-dos of the Meeting type.

You can edit the information on the lines of the Attendee Scheduling card. You can only edit attendees from an organizer to-do.

To Edit Attendees:

  1. Open the Salesperson/Purchaser Card window.

  2. Click Salesperson, List, and select the salesperson who organized the to-do.

  3. On the salesperson/purchaser card, click Salesperson, To-dos.

  4. In the To-do List window, select the to-do with attendee you want to edit.

  5. Click To-do, Attendees Scheduling.

  6. Edit the information for an attendee.


You cannot edit the information for the attendees if Outlook is not connected to the Exchange Server, while Outlook offline folders are not enabled, or if the to-do is not synchronized with Outlook.

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