Adding Attendees to a Meeting

You can add attendees to a to-do of the meeting type after you have created it, using the Create To-do wizard.

You can remove attendees only from the Organizer To-do card.

To Add Attendees to a Meeting:

  1. Open the Salesperson/Purchaser Card window.

  2. Select the salesperson who organized the to-do you want to add attendee(s) to and click OK.

  3. On the Salesperson/Purchaser card, click Salesperson, To-dos.

  4. In the To-do List window, select the to-do you want to add attendee(s) to.

  5. Click To-do, Attendee Scheduling.

  6. Fill in the fields on the attendee card for the new attendee. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  7. Note

    If you want a new attendee to receive an invitation to the meeting, select the Send Invitation check box for this attendee.

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