Generating Contact Search Index

You can select a type of items from your database and reindex the information about them. If you do so, this will enable the quick search in the future. You can reindex either all the tables (Contact, Interaction Log Entry, To-do, Opportunity, and Rlshp. Mgt. Comment Line) simultaneously or one of them at a time.

In order to be able to reindex the information you must have the super-user privileges.

To Reindex the Information:

  1. Open the Generate Search Index window.

  2. Choose the type of information (Contact, Interaction Log Entry, To-do, Opportunity, or Rlshp. Mgt. Comment Line) you want to reindex.

  3. Set a filter you want to apply (optional). You can set additional fields by clicking the Field field, and then clicking the AssistButton to the right of the field and selecting from the list.

  4. Click OK to start reindexing.

The progress bar appears indicating the status of the process. It shows the information about the Overall and Current processes.

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