Creating Contact Ratings

You can create ratings for your contacts to be displayed on the Contact Card. You can use a number of existing questions and answers and combine them with new questions and answers to form the basis of your rating. Each answer in the rating is given a number of points and, depending on the range you set up for the categories (From Value and To Value), the rating system will group your contact in the categories you have defined, for example High, Low, or A, B, and C.

There are two methods for rating your contacts: You can either use the wizard (in the Profile Questionnaire Setup window, click the Functions button and select the Create Rating menu item), or set it up manually using the following procedure:

To Create Contact Ratings:

  1. Open the Profile Questionnaire Setup window.

  2. Click the AssistButton in the Profile Questionnaire Code field to see a list of the profile questionnaires.

  3. Either select an existing profile questionnaire or enter a new profile questionnaire by filling in the relevant fields in the window.

  4. In the Profile Questionnaire Setup window, click the AssistButton in the Type field, choose Question and type your question in the Description field.

  5. On the next empty line, click the AssistButton in the Type field, choose Answer and type your answer in the Description field.

  6. In the Priority field, click the AssistButton to select the priority.

  7. Insert values in the From Value and To Value fields. Contacts that receive points within the defined range will get the answer. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

Repeat steps 6 to 8 to enter more answers to be included in the rating question.

  1. With the cursor on the question line, click the Line button and select Question Details.

  2. On the Classification tab in the Profile Question Details window, place a check mark in the Auto Contact Classification field.

  3. Click the AssistButton to the right of the Contact Class. Field field and select the Rating option.

  4. Fill in the Min. % Questions Answered field (0 is default).

  5. Click the Answer Points button and enter the points you want to give each answer listed in the Answer Points window.

If you want to get an overview of the points you have given each answer, click the Points button to open the Answer Points List window.

  1. Return to the Profile Questionnaire Setup window and click Functions, Update Classification to run an update.

You can now see the result of your rating on the lines in two places: In the Profile Questionnaire Setup window (No. of Contacts field) and on the Contact Card.

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