Skipping Sales Cycle Stages

You can skip stages in the sales cycles that your opportunities follow, for example, if they move faster than what is expected in the model they follow.

Within a sales cycle, only the stages for which "skip allowed" has been specified in the Sales Cycles Stages window can be skipped.

You can skip stages from the Opportunity List window. Depending on where you access the Opportunity List window from, the window shows opportunities for either contacts, campaigns or salespeople. The following procedure shows how to skip a sales cycle stage within an opportunity from the salesperson/purchaser card.

To Skip Sales Cycle Stages:

  1. Open the Salesperson/Purchaser Card window.

  2. Find the salesperson handling the opportunity and click Salesperson/Purchaser, Opportunities.

  3. On the Opportunity List window, click Function, Update. The Update Opportunity wizard appears.

  4. In the first window of the wizard, select the option Skip Stages, and click Next.

    The Date, Estimated Value (LCY), Chance of Success (%) and Estimated Closing Date fields are mandatory fields and must be filled in before you click Next or Finish.

  5. In the second window of the wizard, select the new sales cycle stage you want to move the opportunity to.

  6. Fill in the other windows of the wizard to specify new information about the opportunity, for example, to modify the estimated value of the opportunity. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  7. After you have entered all the necessary information, click Finish.

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