Creating Attachments (Microsoft Word Documents)

You may want to assign attachments to some of your interaction templates. You can do this by creating Microsoft Word Documents, for example, standard letters, price lists, contracts and so on. You can use these documents when recording interactions with your contacts.

To Create Attachments:

  1. Open the Interaction Templates window.

  2. Find the interaction template you want to create an attachment for.

    You can only create an attachment if the interaction template does not already contains an attachment. (You cannot create an attachment if the Attachment field contains Yes.)

  3. Click the AssistButton to the right of the Attachment field, and confirm the subsequent message.

    Alternatively, you can click Attachment, Create.

    The program automatically launches Microsoft Word, and opens a new document.

  4. Write your document, and close it.

    A dialog box appears.

  5. Click Yes to save and import the document from Microsoft Word into Navision.

You can also create attachments from the Segment window by following the same procedure.


In the Microsoft Word document, the Insert Merge Field field already contains fields from the Contact table, and related tables. You can use these fields to write your document.

If you have decided to store attachments within Navision in the Relationship Management Setup window, the program will automatically store the document within Navision, even if you have also saved it on an external disk.

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