Searching for Duplicates Manually

If you have placed a check mark in the Autosearch for Duplicates field in the Relationship Management Setup window, the program automatically checks if duplicates exist each time you enter a new contact.

You can also search for duplicates manually, for example, if you have not selected the automatic search for duplicates.

Before you can search for duplicates, you must set up search strings in the Duplicate Search String Setup window.

To Search for Duplicates Manually:

  1. Open the Generate Dupl. Search String window.

  2. On the Contact tab, in the Field field, select one or more fields to specify the information you want to use to search for duplicates.

  3. On the Contact tab, in the Filter field, apply the filter to these fields.

  4. Click OK to start searching for duplicates.

  5. To view the list of the duplicates found by the program, open the Contact Duplicates window. Here you can specify if the duplicates found are actually separate contacts.

  6. Click to insert a check mark in the Separate Contacts field to specify that the contacts are actually two different companies.

    Leave the Separate Contacts field empty or click to remove a checkmark to specify that the contacts are true duplicates.


If the contacts are true duplicates, the program will not delete the duplicates, you will have to do this manually.

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