Linking Contacts with Existing Bank Accounts

If you have created both a contact card and a bank account card for the same company, you may want to link the two cards.

When a contact card is linked to a bank account card, the information common to the two cards can be synchronized. To allow this, you must specify a business relation code for bank accounts in the Relationship Management Setup window.

To Link Contacts with Existing Bank Accounts:

  1. Open the Contact Card window.

  2. Select the contact you want to link to a bank account, and click Functions, Link with existing, Bank. The Bank Account Link window appears.

  3. In the Bank Account No. field, click the AssistButton to see the list of bank accounts in the Bank Account List window.

  4. Select the relevant bank account and click OK.

  5. Under Current Master Fields, select the source of information that you want to have priority in case of a conflict, that is bank account information or contact information.

  6. In the Bank Account Link window, click OK to create the link.


Under Current Master Fields, you specify which fields the program should prioritize in case of conflicting information in fields common to the contact card and the bank account card. For example, if the address is different from one card to the other you can decide, by selecting Contact that the valid information is on the contact card.

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