Assigning Pictures

You can use the Contact Picture window to enter the logo or photograph of your contacts into the program. To be able to assign a picture to a contact, you must first scan it and then import it into the program.

To assign a picture to a contact, the scanned picture must be in the Bitmap (.BMP) format.

To Assign Pictures:

  1. Open the Contact Card window.

  2. Select the contact you want to assign a picture to, and click Contact, Picture. The Contact Picture window appears. If no picture has been assigned to the contact, this window is empty.

  3. Click Picture, Import. The Import Picture window appears.

  4. Select the file containing the picture and click Open.

You can only assign one picture to each contact. However, you can replace a picture with another one by following the same procedure.

You can also assign pictures from the Contact List window, by following the same procedure.