Restoring Deleted Outlook Contacts

If you restore an Outlook contact that was previously synchronized with Navision by moving it from your Deleted folder back to the contacts folder that is synchronized with Navision, and the corresponding contact still exists in Navision, the program will restore the link between these two contacts and they will be synchronized. In case the corresponding Navision contact has been deleted, the new corresponding contact will be created in Navision.

When you restore an Outlook contact which is a person, and the contact company it belongs to has been deleted in Navision, then the corresponding contact in Navision will be created as an independent contact person.

If you restore a deleted Outlook contact, and the corresponding contact in Navision has been changed since it was deleted, and, consequently, another contact created in Outlook with the same name or e-mail address, the message will appear informing you that the name or e-mail address of this contact already exists in this folder and asking whether you would like to add this a new contact anyway or update new information from this contact to the existing one.

Depending on the option you select, a new contact will be added to your Outlook contacts folder. After that a new corresponding contact will be created in Navision in the same company, or the existing contact will be updated. In the latter case, all the changes that might have been made to the contact in Navision since the corresponding Outlook contact was deleted will be overwritten by the data from this restored contact.

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