Calling Contacts

If you have the right installation, you can have the program dial up the phone number of your contacts when you want to call them. To do this, you must have TAPI-compliant telephone equipment.

To be able to record the phone calls you make to your contacts as interactions in the Interaction Log Entries table, you must set up an interaction template for outgoing phone calls in the Relationship Management Setup window.

You can call your contacts in two ways:

When you do this, the Make Phone Call wizard appears.

In the first window of the wizard, the Phone No., Description and Salesperson Code fields are mandatory fields. You can click the AssistButton to the right of the Phone No. field to see a list of the contact's phone numbers. This list also includes the telephone numbers you have entered in the contact alternative address card, and if the contact is a person, the list also includes the telephone number of the contact company this person works for.

If you insert a check mark in the Dial Contact on Next field, when you click Next, the program automatically dials up the contact's telephone number.

In the other window of the wizard, you can enter additional information about the interaction, for example, you can specify that the attempt to reach your contact failed.

In the third window of the wizard, you can specify the campaign that the interaction is linked to. In this window you can also specify whether this contact is being targeted as part of a campaign and whether this interaction is a response to a campaign.

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