Interactions and Segments

The Segment window can be considered as a worksheet where you can:

From this window, you can also create to-dos and opportunities involving the contacts within the segment.


There are several ways to create segments:


In the Segment window, you can create interactions for several contacts simultaneously. For example, you can merge a segment with a Microsoft Word document, so that you can send a letter to all the contacts in the segment.

You can specify information about the interaction for the segment on the Segment header. For example, you can decide which interaction template you want to use for all the contacts, modify the attachment, specify a description, a correspondence type, and so on. However, you can modify this information in the segment line for each particular contact, for example, by specifying another description, or personalizing the attachment for one contact. If you are merging a segment with a Microsoft Word document, you can personalize the document to be sent for one or several of the contacts within the segment, for example, by adding individualized comments to the document.


In the Segment window, when you click Log, the program records the interactions in the Interaction Log Entry table, and logs the segment. After you have logged the segment, you can only find it in the Logged Segment window.

In the Log Segment window, you can also decide to have the program send the attachments (by e-mail or fax, or printing them), and you can also decide to create a follow-up segment containing the same contacts as the segment you have logged. You can only select Hardcopy as the correspondence type if the attachment is a Microsoft Word document. You can also have the program send the attachments from the Logged Segment window.

Sending Attachments by E-Mail

When you send attachments by e-mail, the program uses the contents of the Description field in the Segment window as the subject for the e-mail.

You can choose the way you want your contacts to receive these attachments: as an attachment to the e-mail (selecting the Send Word Docs. as Attmt field in the Segment window), or as e-mail text (only for Microsoft Word documents). However, if you choose to send the attachment as e-mail text, you will loose all formatting. Documents that include merge fields can only be sent as attachments to the e-mail.

If you have decided to send a Microsoft Word document to the contacts in the segment by e-mail, and one of the contacts does not have an e-mail address, you can change the correspondence type for this contact in the segment line to specify that this attachment should be printed or faxed instead.

Resending Attachments

If an error occurs and the program has not sent the attachments when you log the segment, you can resend them from the Logged Segment window.

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