You can attach all types of documents to your interaction templates and interactions.

Attachment Storage

Before you start working with attachments, you must decide where your attachments will be stored. You do this in the Relationship Management Setup window. There are two options: embedded and disk file. For all users to have an easy access to these documents, it is recommended that you store them within Navision (the Embedded option). If you decide to store them on a disk file, you may want to ensure that all users have access to them.

Which Types of Documents can be Attachments?

Attachments can contain all types of files, for example, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, Microsoft Excel files, text files, and so on. However, Navision is only fully integrated with Microsoft Word 2000, which enables you to create documents including mail merge fields from Navision, for example, contact number, name, address.

What You Can Do with Attachments?

You can do the following with your attachments:

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