Working with Microsoft Word Documents

If you have Microsoft Word 2000 installed on your computer, you can create and import Microsoft Word documents directly from within Navision.

Creating and Modifying Microsoft Word Documents as Attachments from Within Navision

When you create Microsoft Word documents as attachments from within Navision, the new Microsoft Word document that appears contains mail merge fields from the program, for example, the contact number, name, address. You can use these merge fields to complete the document.

You can create Microsoft Word Documents from two different places in the program, the Interaction Templates window and the Segment window:

Only the Microsoft Word document you have opened from Navision is linked to the program. If you create a new Microsoft Word document from within Microsoft Word, even if you create it from the document linked to Navision, that new document will not be linked to Navision. If you want to link it to an interaction template or an interaction in the program, you must first import it.

Closing Microsoft Word

The documents that you open from Navision are independent from the other Microsoft Word documents that you have opened before or while the document that is linked to the application is open. This means that if you close Microsoft Word from a document that is not linked to Navision, the program will not close the open Microsoft Word document linked to Navision.

When you exit Microsoft Word from the document linked to Navision (by clicking the arrow at the top right-hand corner or by clicking File, Exit), a dialog box appears where you are asked if you want to save the changes made in the document and import it again into the program.


When you are working in a Microsoft Word document opened from within Navision, you cannot return to work in the program before you have closed Microsoft Word.

Saving Microsoft Word Documents

If you save the Microsoft Word document linked to Navision (by pressing Ctrl+s, or by clicking File, Save), the program will record the changes in the document. However, when you close Microsoft Word, you will be asked again if you want to save the changes and import the document into the program.

If you save the Microsoft Word document linked to Navision on a disk file by clicking File, Save as, you still have the possibility to save the changes you have made within Navision, when you close Microsoft Word.


When working in the Interaction Template window, if two or more users simultaneously open and modify an interaction template attachment (Microsoft Word Document), the program only saves the changes made by the first user to import the document into Navision again. The changes made by the other users will not be recorded because the program will not recognize the original document.

For this reason, you may want to coordinate the changes you make in interaction template attachments in the Interaction Templates window.

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