Contact Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Contact table contains all your contacts, both companies and persons, for example prospective customers, customers, vendors, but also consultants, competitors, and so on.

Some of the fields in the Contact table are valid for companies only, while others are valid for persons only or for both companies and persons. Therefore, when entering a new contact it is important that you specify if it is a new company or a new person working for a company already recorded as a contact. The program will automatically update particular information from a company to a person in that company if you have selected the relevant Inherit field in the Relationship Management Setup window.

If a contact is already recorded in the program as a customer, vendor, or bank, you can link it with the related records in the relevant application areas. If a contact becomes a customer, vendor or bank, you can create a record in the relevant application area based on the information entered in the Contact table. If you have allowed customer, vendor and bank account integration in the Relationship Management Setup window, you only have to update information in one place. For example, when you correct an address on the customer card, the program will automatically update the information in the Contact table.