Outbound Product Catalog Hdr. Table

List of Fields in the Table

When you send product catalogs electronically, the program stores them in a set of tables that contains all outbound product catalogs. The outbound product catalogs that are stored here are either unsent, sent or processing.

A document is outbound if it is sent from you to one of your business partners.

The Outbound Product Catalog Header and the Outbound Product Catalog Line tables are related to each other in the same way as regular Navision header and line tables are related.

Thus, the Outbound Product Catalog Header table is used as a read-only viewer where you can view general data on outbound product catalogs and from which you can resend product catalogs.

The Outbound Product Catalog Header table contains all the relevant information about the customer to whom you are sending you BizTalk product catalogs, such as name, address, identification numbers and other basic information.


The outbound product catalog header is read-only. This means that you cannot work with the outbound BizTalk product catalogs from here.

This is also why there is no Help for most of the fields in the Outbound Product Catalog Header table. If you need Help or information about any of the fields in this table without Help, see the Help for the corresponding field in the Customer table.