BizTalk Technical Notification Table

List of Fields in the Table

You use the BizTalk Technical Notification table to specify who must be notified if there are entries in the BizTalk suspended queue (a queue that contains items or submissions which could not be processed by the BizTalk Server) that cannot be related to any of the companies in your Navision and therefore apply to the entire Navision database. The table contains detailed information about this person.


The errors that are reported to this e-mail address are superior errors that cannot be related to a specific Navision company but apply to the entire Navision database. Errors that are relevant to, or can be related to, a specific company in Navision are reported to the e-mail address specified in the System Administrator E-Mail field. Thus, the difference between the errors reported to the system administrator and errors reported to the BizTalk Technical Notification window has to do with how the error occurred in the BizTalk Server. If, for example, the sending of a document fails and no company information can be retrieved from the BizTalk Server, the notification will be sent to the address specified in the BizTalk Technical Notification window. If on the other hand, it is possible to retrieve relevant company information from the failed document the notification will be send to the system administrator.