Comment Field

The BizTalk Partner Setup Header Table

This field indicates whether any comments have been entered for this BizTalk partner.

Comments can, for example, concern a particular shipment method or payment problems.

If the Comment field is part of the standard layout for the window, the field is a button. If the picture on the button is a pencil point lying horizontally, there is no comment for the BizTalk partner. If the button shows a vertical pencil with four horizontal lines, there is a comment for the BizTalk partner.

If you have put the Comment field in the window yourself, it is in the form of a check box. A check mark in the field means that there is a comment for the BizTalk partner.

To see a comment, or to create a new one, click the Comment button or click the Document button and select Comments. A comment sheet window will appear in which you can see the existing comments and create new ones. See also the BizTalk Comment Line table.