Outbound Document Table

List of Fields in the Table

The Outbound Document table lists all outbound sales, purchase and product catalog documents. It contains relevant data on all outbound documents and their status. The program copies the status from the Outbound Sales Document Header, Outbound Sales Document Line, Outbound Purch. Document Hdr., Outbound Purch. Document Line, Outbound Product Catalog Hdr. or Outbound Product Catalog Line tables.

The status of the outbound documents on the list is either processing, unsent, sent or failed.

The program uses the Outbound Document table internally in order to identify what documents are waiting to be sent. Once the program has used the list to identify documents waiting to be sent, it retrieves the actual outbound document information from one of the tables mentioned above and sends the document from there. Thus, the Outbound Document table is used as a tool to keep track of all outbound documents and their status, but no documents are sent from here.

If a document has the status of failed, it is possible for the system administrator to change the status of the document to unsent once the reason for the failure has been corrected. Subsequently, the program will try to send the document once more.


The only thing possible to change in the Outbound Document table is the status - otherwise the table is read-only. If you need to make any changes to this table, you must make them before the Navision documents are transformed into outbound BizTalk documents.