Outbound Product Catalog Line Table

List of Fields in the Table

When you send product catalogs electronically, the program copies the relevant items from the Navision Item table. The program stores the items in the temporary Outbound Product Catalog Line table and sends the items from this table. If the program sends the items successfully, then it deletes the contents from this table. The program retrieves any relevant header information from the Company Information table.


The product catalog lines are sent without header information, as any necessary header information will already be known to the receiver of the BizTalk product catalog.

A product catalog is outbound if you send it to one of your customers.

The Outbound Product Catalog Line table contains all the relevant information about the items in the BizTalk product catalogs, such as, name, unit of measure, unit price, identification numbers and other basic information.


There is no Help for most of the fields in the Outbound Product Catalog Line table. If you need Help or information about any of these fields, see the Help for the corresponding field in the Item table.