Adding and Updating Agreements to a BizTalk Partner from within Navision

Before you can exchange documents with a BizTalk partner, you must set up the relevant channels (the equivalent of agreements in Navision) on BizTalk Server and update Navision to include these agreements. You must also activate the agreements that you want to use.

BizTalk Server uses these registered agreements to correctly distribute BizTalk documents between you and your BizTalk partner.

To add and update agreements to a BizTalk partner, follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure that the relevant BizTalk agreements are created on BizTalk Server.

  2. Open the BizTalk Partner Setup window.

  3. Click Functions, Update Agreements.

Provided that you have created the relevant agreements correctly on BizTalk Server, the program will now update the BizTalk Partner Setup window to show all existing BizTalk agreements that are registered on BizTalk Server for this BizTalk partner.


Setting up a number of BizTalk agreements does not automatically register you or your BizTalk partner on the BizTalk Server. The registration must be done before adding and updating agreements by registering your own organization on the BizTalk Server and making sure that your BizTalk partner's organization is set up in Navision and registered on BizTalk Server.

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