Setting Up Your Own Organization on BizTalk Server from within Navision

The following describes the procedure when you are connected to BizTalk Server 2000 or BizTalk Server 2002 only:

Before you can exchange documents with BizTalk partners, you must create your own organization on BizTalk Server 2000/2002 and provide BizTalk Server with relevant BizTalk management information. This initial step in the BizTalk setup process must be done before any other setup steps can be carried out. The process is normally only done once.

You must create your own organization on the BizTalk Server in order for BizTalk Server to recognize your organization and be able to correctly distribute BizTalk documents to and from your Navision company.

To set up your own organization on BizTalk Server from Navision, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the BizTalk Management Setup window and fill in all relevant fields as required.

  2. Click Functions, Create Own Organization.

  3. Make sure that BizTalk Server returns an ID in the BizTalk Organization ID field. This means that your organization has been registered on BizTalk Server.


Setting up your own organization on BizTalk Server does not automatically activate any agreements that are used to exchange documents. This must be done by creating the necessary agreements on the BizTalk Server and updating them in Navision.

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