Sending a BizTalk Product Catalog

Before you can send a BizTalk product catalog, you must make sure that you are  connected to BizTalk Server. Furthermore, your BizTalk partner must be registered as a BizTalk partner in Navision and connected to BizTalk Server. Finally, you and your BizTalk partner must have a valid agreement to exchange BizTalk product catalogs.

If you want to keep your customers electronically updated, you can send them a BizTalk product catalog. To do this, you must first create/update your Item table in Navision . Then you can send BizTalk product catalogs to BizTalk partners.

To send a BizTalk product catalog, follow this procedure:

  1. Open the Send BizTalk Product Catalog batch job.

  2. On the Item tab, set a filter to define what items to include in the BizTalk product catalog.

  3. On the BizTalk Partner tab, set a filter to define which BizTalk partners you want to send the product catalogs to.

  4. Once you have filled out the fields in the window, click OK to send the chosen BizTalk product catalog to the chosen BizTalk partners.

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