Sending a BizTalk Sales Quote

Before you can send a BizTalk sales quote, you must make sure that you are connected to BizTalk Server. Furthermore, your BizTalk partner must be registered as a BizTalk partner in Navision and connected to BizTalk Server. Finally, you and your BizTalk partner must have a valid agreement to exchange BizTalk sales quotes.

Once the connection is established, in order to send a BizTalk sales quote you must create or open a Navision sales quote. When you have done so, you can send it as a BizTalk sales quote.

To send a BizTalk sales quote, follow this procedure:

  1. Create or open the Navision sales quote that you want to send as a BizTalk sales quote.

  2. Click Functions, Send BizTalk Sales Quote.

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